8 Popular and Beautiful Destinations to Visit in South India!

Traveling is a beautiful thing in the world. It is a wonderful way of exploring different people, cultures, habits, foods, etc. Even the regular traveling for your workplace, home, and other places that you used to go will give a kind of relaxation to your mind and refresh your thoughts. If you are wondering to go and enjoy a special place, the perfect destination that you can choose to explore classic wonders is South India.

South India has a typical culture that is different from the rest of the countries. Every state has its distinct uniqueness and identity. There are beautiful places you can find with intricate architecture, historical monuments, canals, different religious and spiritual places, and tourist places that can make your trip worth a full and memorable one. So here are the top 8 must-visit places that await your visit to South India.

Kerala Backwaters

Palm-fringed canals are known as backwater. This is one of the best places in Kerala for you to visit. Even now it seems to be new and standstill. Here in the backwaters, delicious Indian foods are cooked by an experienced chef and serve you to enjoy a chill beer while on the board in your boat. This makes you enjoy nature’s beauty as well as enjoy the delicious foods of Kerala. You can enjoy spending the whole night on the boat. You will be delighted in spending your night in the middle of the water surrounded by serenity and its bliss.


Pondicherry is one of the best places in South India and it is often addressed as India’s little France. The places in Pondicherry offer you French colonial architecture and you can find boulevards. You can take a stroll along with the French colonies and enjoy boating in the paradise beach. There you can visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

pondicherry globe round
pondicherry globe round

Varkala Kerala

Varkala is the beach that has the setting of a fairy tale that takes you to a different world. You have a long winding stretch of the cliff and you can enjoy the view over the Arabian Sea. Along the length of the cliff, you have a paved footpath that runs along. This has a different bordering fence of coconut and palm trees, beach shacks, hotels, guest houses, and quaint shops. You could find a sparkling beach with a cliff. From the clifftop, the sparkling beach is reached by the steps leading downwards. Undoubtedly, Varkala is one of the best Indian beaches that give you a picturesque effect. Many travel guides can be found in that place who can help you to plan your trip wonderfully. You would love the beach atmosphere.



Hyderabad is one of the famous places that you must visit once. Compared to all other places in South India, Hyderabad is unique in holding a remarkable heritage of Islam and it is widely known as the City of Nizams.  In 1947, when Hyderabad was merged with the rest of India, the rule of Nizam’s dynasty was ended. After that, there are many architectural treasures through which the legacy still lives. Particularly in the area of Charminar, you can find several iconic treasures.


Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi

One of the peaceful little pilgrim towns in Tamil Nadu is Rameshwaram.  There will be several devotees who constantly visit to take bath in the holy water of the river. They take baths to do puja and to purify their karma. They also visit the famous Ramanathaswamy Temple. The temple and place can be read in the great epic of Ramayana.


Most of the couples of South India plan their honeymoon only for Ooty. This is situated among the green Nilgiri Hills. This is the perfect spot for the couples who wish to spend their happy times alone together. Chocolate lovers can take a trip to the chocolate museum in Ooty. This place is famous for delicious dark chocolates.



Tamil Nadu has the best tourist places that you need to visit. One of the best tourist places among them is Yercaud. This is a very popular hill station that has an old charm that is simply very mystical. This place has exciting caves, waterfalls and will be the best place for adventure.


This is one of the best destinations for beach lovers that offer you delicious kinds of seafood, intricate temples that give you a pleasant vibe. You can enjoy mini heaven like no other place.

Wrapping up

Plan your trip for these places that you must visit once in your lifetime. Experience the best of different regions of South India that will provide you with a varied and interesting trip. If you get to know about the wonder and beauty of these places, it will be difficult for you to select among these great destinations.

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