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Kinnaur Valley: A Complete Travel Guide for Transport and Accommodation Cost

Kinnaur Valley: A Complete Travel Guide

Kinnaur Valley, located in Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful valleys in India. It is also one of the 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, famous for its apples and orchards, lovely meadows covered with dense wood, and stunning landscapes and it has the most adventurous routes. Kinnaur valley falls in the southern part of the state and touches the border with Tibet. Whoever travels to Kinnaur falls in love with this wonderful valley.

Way to Kinnaur

This trip is going to be memorable I love to do always daring activities. The roads are very-very dangerous and they are sometimes called the Path of death. There is also the fear of looking down from a moving vehicle. In this way, there is a location that is quite famous, which is also known as a suicide point. Every year millions of people come here to enjoy these daring roads.


Tradition And Culture

Here you will also find handmade items which are quite famous. Among which  Pahari Topi, the Pahari shawl is the main one. Kinnaur is also known for its unique costumes

Pahari Topi
Pahari Topi
traditional shawl
Traditional Kinnaur shawl

The apple is cultivated here due to its cold. From here, apples are transported inside and outside of Himachal Pradesh. Along with apple, pomegranates, walnut, apricots, and many dry fruits are cultivated here.

Apple Valley Kinnaur
Apple Valley Kinnaur

Best time to visit Kinnaur valley

Kinnaur looks amazing in all seasons and you can visit this place around any time of the year. But if you are specific about seeing snow or spring flowers or apple orchards then there are some best months listed below.

Mid-March to April: During this season you could see the apricot blossom which is so pretty and lovely. Definitely, the spring season is the best time to visit Kinnaur. The crowd is lesser during these months and also the weather is so pleasant.

May to July: This season is the most famous one and it starts getting crowded easily. The temperature during the daytime is mildly hot but it remains cold at the night. These months will have stunning landscapes and you will surely enjoy the place in these months.

How to reach Kinnaur?

  • By road: local taxis are available all the time from Shimla to Kinnaur or to any other destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The approximate charge is 3000-3500 per day.
  • By air: the nearest airport is Shimla. You can reach Shimla by flight and can take local taxis from Shimla to Kinnaur.
  • By Train: Kinnaur doesn’t have any railway station. You can reach Kinnaur by a narrow-gauge rail connected from Kalka to Shimla.

Where to eat in Kinnaur valley?

On the way to Kalpa or Sangla, you can see many Dhabas and these are a great choice. Once you reach there you can find the best and the famous Dhabas in Kinnaur and you can enjoy eating the food there.

Hindustan ka AAkhiri dhaba
Hindustan ka Aakhiri Dhaba


You will find many places for accommodation in all the ranges. If you are looking for a luxury stay then you can choose hotels in Kalpa. Sangla has also got a lot of good hotels and affordable guesthouses.

The bottom line

Make sure you stay here for nine to ten days so that you have enough time to visit and around Kinnaur. Make sure you avail a travel guide if you are tripping for the first time. They may help you in managing your time and visiting many places.

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