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5 most beautiful country trip covered in Rs.50000


Traveling around the world gives a smile to your face and you gain different experiences. At that time, you feel the fresh air, you will realize cost doesn’t matter. But making a trip around the country under 50k seems more than enough for most of us. Here are some places that will offer you the most fabulous international trip experience, sights, and sounds along with being easy on your pocket and bank balance.

Goa-the official party hub

Goa is one of the most fabulous dream places, one has to visit in India. It is also one of the beautiful places to visit in India because of its amazing nightlife, beach shacks, a variety of booze, and dirt-cheap prices that make your trip memorable. The most attractive places in goa are Vagator, Calangute, Anjuna, Colva, fort Aguada, the temple of Bodgeshwar, and grand island. The best thing in goa is the sunburn festival conducted at the time of December.


Kerala backwater

Everyone knows Kerala backwaters have a ravishing beauty, you don’t have to exhaust your money to experience their beauty. The state offers you budget-friendly options such as Motty’s homestay in Alleppey beach. It has amazing views that delight you with rustic decor, they are suspicious of marvelous antiques and they serve you delicious home-cooked meals. All these views range less than 6000. The next beautiful insights in Goa are Kumarakom’s exotic lagoons and birth sanctuaries. The other best part is sailing a boat for about 130 meters long Chundan boat race. You also fulfill the houseboat fantasies by staying a day.

Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry

The state will remind the magnificent beaches in Kanyakumari, the queen of hills in Ooty, and the spectacular architecture of the temples in Madurai. Particularly Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram are the most favorite spots in Tamilnadu. It also accumulates famous Aurobindo Ashram and beaches, Pondicherry is the best hotspot for swanky travelers as well as frugal ones. The beach budget resorts in Mahabalipuram range from only RS.500 to 1500.

The Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat

In Gujarat the 5000 square kilometers are summoned by the plain barren landscape, the Rann remains submerged under the water in the rainy season and arid and dry during summers. During sunrise or sunset, the rann is covered by a golden hue. it is a home of the wild ass. Near the rann, there is another beautiful place which is carved by a five-storeyed Adalaj stepwell in Ahmedabad.

The ruins of Hampi, Karnataka

The amazing Tungabhadra river cuts the cavorted landscape of Hampi. It is the capital of the famous Vijayanagara empire. The palaces, markets, temples ruin in the middle of the rocky outcrops. The VijayaVitthala and Virupaksha temples are famous for their architecture.

The beautiful Hazara Rama temple is demonstrated by the cravings of scenes from the epic Ramayana. In 1986 Hampi was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. More than 5 lakhs people visit Hampi each year. Hampi is the best place for traveling hotspots.

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