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Top Most Adventurous River Rafting places In India


As we know river rafting is one of the most adventurous activities which everyone wants to try once in their life. You are surrounded by rippling waves of cool, deep water. Feel the waves touch your hair. You go to a different world full of joy. You feel isolated from the world for some time. Nothing comes to mind. These golden waves of water will wash away all your worries. Rafting is a thrilling activity that boosts your energy. There must be a rafting experience in our lives at least once. We will tell you about some of the most famous and adventurous river rafting places in India.

Jammu  and Kashmir Indus River At Ladakh

In Ladakh, the land of adventure, you can also enjoy rafting and many other adventure activities. We guarantee you will enjoy your rafting adventure in Ladakh. This region is perfect for hiking, historical villages, beautiful valleys, beautiful rivers, as well as river rafting. There are rafting facilities from grade level (III) to grade level (IV ). Indus River rafting is done on the eighth-longest river in Asia, the Indus River. Tibet is the place where the river Indus enters India. The best time to visit here is July to August.

Spiti Himachal

In the Spiti Valley, you can also enjoy river rafting. Spiti is known for its beautiful old villages and local communities. Pin river is going to be your most adventurous rafting river places in India. Koskar is a great location on the Pin river. The total distance is 180 kilometers. The difficulty level ranges from grade IV to intermediate. The best time to visit the Pin river is between July and August.

Kullu Manali on Beas River

Kullu is a top tourist destination. People come here from all over the world to admire the beauty of this place. There are many places to visit here, such as Manikarn Sahib Gurudwara, Parvati Valley, and a national park. There are many places to trek in Kullu. You can also go camping here. Another adventure activity you can enjoy here is river rafting.

This river rafting done on the Beas river originated from Beas Kund. Pirdi is the starting point of the journey, and Jhuri is the ending point. The process is safe and protected. The difficulty level is II to IV

Rishikesh On Ganga River

Adventures Place is another name for Rishikesh. There is river rafting here on the Ganges river. This place is also known as a whitewater rafting place. There is approximately 36 km of rafting trails at this location. Rafting destinations in this area are of various grades.

Rishikesh rafting
Rishikesh rafting

Bhrmputra river at Arunachal Pradesh

Rafting on the Brahmaputra River is one of the best things you can do. It is not only an adventure but also a beautiful spot with breathtaking views. The river originates in Tibet and flows towards the Himalayas. Arunachal Pradesh is a great place for river rafting. There are many rivers in this area.

Rafting is a very popular activity due to the spectacular view of the surrounding area. There are many rafting locations. Up to Grade IV Rafting are doing here. There is about 200 km of rafting here.

Uttarakhand On Yamuna River

The Yamuna River originates from the Yamunotri Glacier. In the same way, the river is one of India’s holiest. Additionally, river rafting can be a great experience in the Yamuna River. The best time for river rafting here is September to July. The area of rafting on this river is about 9km. The difficulty level for rafting is up to Grade III. There are numerous stretches in this area, including one from Nainbagh to Judo,

Uttarakhand On Alaknanda River

The Alaknanda River is very popular. It is located in Uttarakhand. In Devprayag, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet. Alaknanda is also a great place to raft.

Karnatka On Dandeli River

Dandeli River is the best place for river rafting in Karnataka. This place is even very popular among tourists. Along with rafting, this area offers many other adventure activities. This place is popular for white water rafting. Rafting is available in Dandeli for an area of approximately 156 km. The location is near Bangalore.

Dandeli rafting
Dandeli Rafting

Arunachal Pradesh On Lohit River

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful places in India. It is also very famous among tourists for its beauty. In addition, this region is surrounded by beautiful rivers such as Lohit, Brahmaputra, and Siang with this, It is a beautiful and adventurous place. Here you can enjoy the authentic view and capture pictures and enjoy local food. The difficulty level here is from grade III to IV.

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