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Privacy Policy

BMtravelpeak is committed to protecting the privacy and settings of the personal information of all our users. We take intense care for protecting the privacy of our visitors both online and offline. Additionally, we also take responsibility to protect the information of the people who contact us through our website and social media platforms. Thus, we have developed a privacy policy to inform you about the data we collect, how we handle it, and how we make it secure.

Information that our users voluntarily submit on the website

We may collect personal information from the users like the name, contact number, and mail address. This happens when you voluntarily submit the information to the website by leaving a comment, creating the profile, subscribing, etc. You will create all the information and secure them using the password and username.

Information we collect

We may receive information about you from various sources. You may link with Facebook, Google Accounts, Instagram with the user profile. Here we will receive the name, address, and profile picture. The website will use the Facebook commenting system to choose the comment on the website post, and also your profile picture will appear.

Automatically collected information

We automatically collect certain information about our users and the device that will access the website. For instance, the website logs your IP address, browser type, operating system type, referring website, dates/times, and pages you viewed when you access the site. Additionally, we may collect information about the actions you take when you visit the website and click on various pages.


Websites may log information with the aid of cookies, which are small data files stored on the user’s computer. We may use both session cookies that expire if you choose the browser and persistent cookies. These stay on the browser till deleted to have a more personalized experience on the website.  

How we use the collected information

  • Operate and maintain the website as per the use of the audience
  • To send some of the promotion information
  • Creating an account requires customizing the website to your account and identifying yourself as a user.
  • To send you administrative communications. This includes administrative emails, confirmation emails, technical notices, updates on policies or security alerts and even some others.
  • Offer you customer support
  • In respond to the inquiries and comments.
  • To track and measure the advertising on the websites.
  • Safeguard, investigate, and deter illegal or unauthorized activity.

To whom do we share the data?

We may have to share the personal data with certain organizations in certain circumstances, and this includes the following.

  • If the public or the law authority says, we have to share all the information we collect from you.
  • From time to time, employ the service of other parties for dealing with some processes necessary for the functioning of the website. However, we assure you that all the information we share will be collected and anonymised. So, neither you nor the device can be identified out of it.
  • If we have to share the personal data to establish, defend or exercise our legal rights. This will include offering personal data to the other to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk.  

Process of keep updating the users

We will send you the relevant offers and news about the products and service through lots of ways like emails. However, this is the case only when you previously consented to receive these marketing communications. We will ask you if you wish to receive marketing communications when you register with us. You can choose how to follow up. If you wish to make any changes to it, we encourage contacting us, and we will help with the changes.

How to correct personal information

Please contact us if any of your personal information is incorrect or needs to be corrected. If you would like to exercise the right, please find the contact information found on our website and contact us.

Right to stop or limit the usage of personal information

In several cases, if you want to object to us processing the personal information-

  • If we are not entitled to use the information anymore
  • When we have to delete the information
  • If the information does not belong to you any more

Under all such circumstances, you can contact us, and we assure you to stop using your details shortly.

Children information

At BM Travel Peak, we do not collect any information about children under the age of 16. In the event that a parent or guardian believes the website contains personally identifiable information about children, please contact us immediately and we will make best efforts to promptly remove the information.