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10 Things you must do before traveling in 2020


The January of this year was a month of full-on planning about visiting stunning places, satisfying the taste buds, and having a blast ahead. But these plans went down the drain turning this summer to be a day like any other and locked in homes due to the pandemic outbreak. Though the lockdown paved way for some quality time with family and refurbishing your skills, it became monotonous after some time.

However, slowly the world is now adapting to the new normal and has started to face the open roads. With this, the road for tourism is slowly opening in some places inviting a lot of people. But traveling is not going to be the same as before. Here are a few must-do tips or things that you must follow before traveling.

Create your travel checklist

A good plan will take you through your trip without any hassle. You have to decide what mode of transport you are going to take, is it safe, the hotel and everything that might go haywire. Sit and pen down everything and make a checklist of everything that you have to take care of. Writing things down will help you keep a track of it. Also, include even the smallest things like take the charger in the list.

Prepare your documentation

This might come as a surprise as it is a simple thing to do. But nothing can put your excitement on halt like finding that your passport is not up to date. The worst part is when you are on your trip and not finding the documents that are required at check-in or at the hotel. So it is wise to get all your necessary documents like passport, visa, ID cards, driving license and others checked and filed. Carry that small file wherever you are traveling. Also in the prevailing situation check whether any additional documents pertaining to your health are required.

Check the weather

The weather of the destination is a factor that most likely would affect your trip positively or negatively. And is the thing that most people take for granted. Take a look at the weather reports of the place and take necessary measures. If you don’t want to be that unhappy soggy traveler then know the weather and pack accordingly.

Weather Check

Check the existing toll of the destination

If you are traveling, first of all, check the number of active cases in that place. And also have an in-depth insight into the safety measures taken there and in the hotel that you are going to book.

Pack what you need

Don’t take unnecessary valuables and load yourself. If you are carrying valuables it is better to pack them in your carry-on. Also, pack according to the climate and the destination. If you are going to beaches, pack necessary clothing and sunscreen lotions. Make a separate packing checklist so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Sort your money flow

Inform your bank, if you are going on overseas travel because if the bank observes sudden foreign activity they might freeze your cards which can become annoying n trips. Also, stock your wallet with the currency of the destination. Know the exchange rates of the destination and plan how much you are going to spend.

Take care of services

Once you have decided to travel look for stopping the regular services or deliveries. This might include post mail, newspaper and housecleaners and more.

Pre-book your car

If you are planning to hire a car then do it beforehand to cut costs. Also hiring cars are safer now than taking public transport.

Arrange for pet care

Once you have decided to travel, first things first contact a kennel or friend to take care of your pet. Leaving it to the last minute might get you caught when no one is available to have your pet.

Ensure security of your home

Coming back from the trip and finding that you have broken into will snap you out of the post-trip high. Therefore double or triple-check that windows are closed properly, gas has been turned off and the main is off. Also before leaving, inform your neighbors so that they can keep an eye.

Bottom line Follow these tips and have a safe trip without missing on anything. Taking a trip after four months to feel nature is the best thing that could happen and you don’t want to mess up anything and snap your joy.

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