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Tips for your best solo camping trip in 2020


A camping trip is a great measure to escape from a busy life. It helps to reconnect with nature. Sometimes planning a trip with friends causes more pressure. Some people like to hang out on a camping trip alone. Coordinating with other people provokes more issues like who is responsible for all the needs, verifying whether everyone brings their gears, it turns to more headaches. While moving for solo camping or trip means you need to tell the stories on the campaign, you won’t have high-fives or group photos after reaching the top of the mountain. Going alone helps you to analyze yourself and it’s a kind of new experience to see the world in a lonely form.

Work your way of choosing solo 

Camping alone for the first time is a terrible experience, so first, you have a group camping with others. You can learn some basics and at the time of solo camping, one faces more challenges even the experience one suffers a lot in a solo camp. To have a camp, know how to navigate? To pitch a tent, build a fire, handle run-ins wild-life, and deal with injuries and know to carry out certain first aid kids. These are the major things you should know before making a solo trip.

camp Life
camp Life

Don’t just make a night travel 

Don’t make a solo trip at night time, because it is very uncomfortable to sleep in a wilderness place. The place your travel might be somewhere unfamiliar and new. In this case, if you make a night trip, your mind bothers you a lot with so many questions that arise at that time. After facing a restless night on your trip finally, you discover a comfortable place to sleep.

Night Travel
Night Travel

Keep your mind relax

Camping alone at night times will make you into a flurry of worry and fear. Even a mild sound in the forest will make you infinitely sacred, even the little sounds in the wild seem to be louder.  Talk to yourself to overcome the fear and slow down your mind. When you start to panic say some mantra or a little pep talk you can voice out loud to yourself. This situation makes you more confident and bolder.

Relax Your Mind
Relax Your Mind

Don’t pick a faraway place

For your solo camping trip choose a place that is close to your house and one that you’re familiar with. further, you go far, opening up yourself to something to go wrong. You feel comfortable when you make your camping in a known area and feel relaxed. Share your camping plans with someone in your house. Tell about the day you head out for the trip and the day you’re coming back and where you’re going.

 away from city
away from city

Bring a book 

Camping with others is full of conversation and storytelling but when you travel alone you don’t have anyone to talk to. So, carry a book along with you and it fills the space of others. Having a solo trip will bring confidence in you as well as you can identify yourself.

Reading books
Reading books

last but not least thing you have to remember 

Check Your Camping Skill Properly

Before making a plan for solo camping you must have knowledge of camping activities like

Camping Skills
Camping Skills
  • How to find proper camping location / Navigation
  • Arrangement of food (in case if you travel far)
  • Collecting dry wood
  • lit the fire
  • All camp setting
  • use of a camping knife and Multitools

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