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Best places to visit in tosh valley Himachal Pradesh

places to visit in tosh valley Himachal Pradesh

Many love to travel to a lot of places and enjoy venturing the happiness that nature provides. People who are travel freaks wish to travel to hilly regions as they can perform a lot of adventures, meet different people, taste various famous foods and the list prolongs like this. Hilly regions are always perfect to visit especially for the climate and secondly for the amazing peace the place provides. One such place that meets these two purposes is Tosh which is located amidst the Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh. The tosh valley reflects the amazing artistry in nature.

The best things that you can do in Tosh valley

Take a walk through the Parvati River as it is one of the famous tourist spots. The water in the Parvati River is very pristine and it will mesmerize you to the core that you have never felt. The weather of this place adds much pleasure when you take a walk with your family or friends or partner. Those who are fond of trekking must surely try trekking at kheer Ganga as this is the most popular trekking spot. While trekking you witness beautiful villages like tosh and Malana which are encompassed by rivers and mountains. On the whole, you will get an exotic look during your trekking.

Tosh valley
Tosh valley

Topmost attractive places 

You should not miss visiting Manikaran which is known as a holy destination located in the Parvati valley. This place is considered to be a sacred place for both the Sikhs and Hindus as well. This place holds legendary tales for both Hindus and the Sikhs so make sure to add this place to your wish list. The next place is Kasol


which is a beautiful and peaceful village located in the Kullu district in Himachal Pradesh. In this place, you can get world-class cuisines and it will make you mouth-watering.


In Kheerganga you have a temple of Lord Shiva and Parvati where the place also has holy hot water springs. This holy water is known for having healing properties and the view of the ambiance is an absolute delight to your eyes.

Take good residence and eat the famous food of tosh

While visiting Tosh make sure to stay at least for four to five days only then you can have enough time to visit in and around of tosh. Make sure to avail a guide if you are tripping for the first time so that they will guide you to many places and manage time. You can stay in hotels and inns that are near to your location but the best place to stay would be the homestays which will be affordable and pretty cute to stay. You have many cafes around the domain and varieties of food like Israeli foods, momos, and much on the queue.


The bottom line 

Tosh valley in Himachal Pradesh is an amazing place that you should never fail to visit. Get to know interesting places and enjoy nature, place, people, food, and culture, and fall in love with the place. Make your trip a memorable and delightful trip.

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