A Visit To A Most Beautiful Hill Station Darjeeling In India

A Visit To A Most Beautiful Hill Station Darjeeling In India

India is an incredible country where you can find diverse languages, customs, cultures, and traditions, and much more in the queue. You also have a lot of interesting places to visit where you can discover new places by going on a trip once a year at the least. One such amazing and winsome hill station in Darjeeling which is located in the northern part of West Bengal. In this place, you can visit a lot of magnificent views of Kanchenjunga, adorable tea gardens and mountain slopes and so on. You will be able to witness excellent flowers and the place is simply appealing to eyes and heart.

Interesting things to do in Darjeeling

As you all know Darjeeling is an admirable place for anyone to visit besides you can do a lot of interesting activities in that town. Starting with river rafting which is one of the best experiences to try in Darjeeling. Teesta River is a place known for having the best adventure activities. Going with a group of friends or family will be extra fun and makes your trip a memorable trip.

teesta river
teesta river

For adventure freaks taking a trekking trip to sandakphu will be an ideal destination as it provides the fine panoramic views of Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest. Other activities include joy ride on the toy train, watch the sunrise, explore the war memorial in Batasia loop, visit tea gardens and monastery, and many more activities that you should while visiting Darjeeling.

View fromKanchenjungha

What you should never miss in Darjeeling?

Darjeeling is the place that is famous for tea and it has become a world-famous industry by itself. Darjeeling tea is known for its aroma and the types of tea cultivated in Darjeeling.During spring Darjeeling will be covered by colorful flowers like magnolias, rhododendrons, and varieties of orchids and it gives an awesome feeling when you view during this season. People and culture of Darjeeling are what you can never miss out.

Tea Garden
Tea Garden

The reason is you can find people from diverse backgrounds and cultures because immigrants from neighbouring countries and states have settled in the Darjeeling district. The majority of the population in Darjeeling is the Nepalese while there are many Bengalis, Lepchas, and Tibetans as well.

Top attractive places

As it is Darjeeling is an attractive place to visit but you should also know the most attractive places that you should visit. Darjeeling rangit valley ropeway will be an outstanding activity where you can view lush green forests, exquisite landscapes, and a lot more. Rimbik which is located in Singalila is famous for its trekking routes.

Other places like tiger loop, Nightingale Park, Ghum monastery are some of the attractive places to visit. You can stay in hotels or resorts while visiting these places. Thupka, thali, momos, and aloo dhum are some of the famous scrumptious dishes that you can try and enjoy the taste.


The bottom line

Darjeeling has so many exciting places, restaurants, zoos, and famous dishes. So make sure at least once in your lifetime to visit Darjeeling and embrace a memorable experience.

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