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Top 10 places in Himachal Pradesh that are most dangerous during the rainy season

Dangerous places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a place of pilgrimage. It is like heaven on earth. Various other names are given to this state, such as Jannat. This is a well-known tourist place, whether you are from Himachal or out of this state. Who wants to travel to Himachal Pradesh but does not know where or how to go? what are the guidelines for traveling to Himachal Pradesh? As a result of these conditions, it is very difficult for you to travel to your favorite spots due to safety issues. In this blog, we will introduce you to the most dangerous places for traveling to Himachal Pradesh during the rainy season.

Himachal Pradesh gathers greater popularity due to its beauty but also becomes risky during the rainy season.

Kinnaur Himachal
Kinnaur Himachal

It’s not safe to visit these places of Himachal Pradesh In the rainy season

I wouldn’t recommend you going these places during the rainy season. It will put your life in risk. You can visit other seasons here or keep weather conditions in your mind.

1)Kinnaur Himachal

Kinnaur is the smallest district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in north India and shares an international border with China. Being in a mountainous region there is often a cloud of danger that hangs on it.

Kinnaur is most famous for its beauty. Many peoples come here every year to see Kalpa valley, Sangla, the last village of Hindustan. This place is also known for its death roads.

Baspa Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh
Baspa Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

During the rainy season, Kinnaur becomes one of the terrible and dangerous places in Himachal Pradesh. it is often in the news about the accident that happened during the rainy season. Recently nine people lost their lives in the landslide. Among the dead people, there are locals as well as tourists are included.

Sangla Kinnaur valley
Sangla Kinnaur valley

For that reason, if you plan on visiting here during the rainy season, we recommend stopping a trip for a while.


Sirmour is a district of Himachal Pradesh situated in the southern. As beautiful as it becomes terrifying during the monsoon. The place is familiar to tourists .every year thousand of tourists visit Sirmour. Renuka Ji Lake, Churdhar Paonta sahib, and Nahan are the most visited destination.

Renuka ji sirmour
Renuka Ji Sirmour

This is a larger mountainous area, Traumatic accidents happen here every rainy season. Recently many videos of land-sliding were seen on social media. A 100-meter road disappeared in Badbas of Sirmaur due to a mountain’s grip. This tragedy happened near national highway NH-707.


Chamba attracts everyone with its immense beauty. Chamba is the greenest district of Himachal Pradesh. Ravi river flowing through its heart will increase its beauty even more.

Bharmour Himachal Pradesh 2
Bharmour Chamba Road

There is only one lane road in Chamba, so the risk of accidents increases a lot. Ravi river flows along these roads. The river must have swallowed many vehicles and people. In monsoons, many accidents are reported. Along with the fear of land sliding. Here often big or small stones keep falling on the road from the mountain.

Bharmour Himachal Pradesh
Bharmour Himachal Pradesh

During monsoon, it becomes one of the most dangerous places of Himachal Pradesh as the water of the Ravi river is on spate, due to which there is a possibility of flooding here.


Mandi is named after Chhota Kashi. There are so many temples and incredible lakes here. we can say this is The Land Of Pilgrimage. Prasher lake and Rewalsar lake are the most famous here. The road is not much safe here. These are more riskful in the monsoon.

Rewalsar lake
Rewalsar lake


You are all aware of the latest tragedy that happens in Dharamshala. Many people lose their shelter and lives in this flooding. Dharamshala is not much risky this level will happen here for the first time. Heavy Landsliding happened at night time which is very unpredictable.

Bhagsu fall Dharamshala
Bhagsu fall Dharamshala


The queen of hill Shimla is known for its unbeatable beauty. But it shows its horrible face during monsoon. The land sliding daily is reported during the rainy season. People lose their lives, vehicle, and shelter due to heavy Landslides. Visiting Shimla in the rainy season is going to be a good experience as well as worst due to heavy traffic.

shimla hp
Shimla H.P


Every rainy season brings more unpredictable and risky experiences in solan. Many people have to suffer the heavy loss of life and property. As a result, employment has to halt for some time. Lots of houses and streets filled with water.


8)Tissa Chamba

Tissa is the smallest tourist attraction point and the smallest village in the Chamba district. Steep mountains, Deep gorges, and high-risk roads make Tissa one of the most dangerous places in Himachal Pradesh itself.

Chamba Himachal
Chamba Himachal


We are all familiar with Kullu Himachal Pradesh. There are many mesmerizing sites to see. On rainy days it will be riskier to visit here. Flooding and landslide is the major reason behind that. In monsoon, the water level of the Vyas river starts suddenly increase, so there are chances of flooding this time. We suggest you unless it is not very important to visit Kullu, should stop planning for a little while.



How risky reaching Rohtang? you all know very well. Manali to Rohtang way is the most dangerous road whole the year. It becomes riskier during monsoon due to a lot of waterfalls on the way.

The water level of the Beas river rises a lot in the rainy season, so there is often a possibility of its rise here. The road to Rohtang is filled with water due to the waterfalls whole the way. Any vehicle can slip in such a situation.

Second, there is a single road here. Rohtang is a tourist destination, so traffic is usually congested.


The third danger is the deep trenches here. When a vehicle falls down, its parts are hard to obtain. Even if you get out safely from all this, the fourth danger always hangs over your head. That is the risk of falling stones.

Bottom Lines

In addition to being a wonderful season, monsoons can also cause riskiness. You can get stuck anywhere, whether resources are available or not. We will suggest you make a plan accordingly. Avoid traveling at night during monsoon because people tend to sleep very soon in hill stations.

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