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Beautiful and Historical Kangra Fort in Himachal Pradesh – How To Reach Here And Best Time To Visit


It comes in the list of the oldest and most historical forts in Fort India. Rajput rulers built this fort first. Susharma, the King of Kangra, took part in the Mahabharata. From this, you can guess how old this fort will be. However, In the battle of Mahabharata, between Kauravas and Pandavas, the king of Kangra Raja Susharama supported the Kauravas here. This historical fort and city settled by the kings of the Rajput dynasty are near the town of Kangra Himachal Pradesh, whose old name was Trigarta. Meanwhile, at that time the area of this Himalayan range was very much powerful.

Historical Kangra Fort in Himachal Pradesh

This historic Kangra fort has been occupied by many rulers over the centuries. In fact, many battles were fought for the safety of this fort. Furthermore, Its walls speak about how old this fort is, and how many people died to defend it. It is said that this fort holds a lot of secrets yet to be revealed. A shocking discovery is made after some time.

kangra fort
Kangra Fort

Mysterious Fact About Kangra Fort

A well has been found here, in which there are large rooms passing through the window on the inside. The mysterious place was built at that time to protect itself from enemies. Kangra fort is situated in Himachal Pradesh, and it has been constructed at such a height as to keep an eye on its enemies from all sides. The walls of this fort are about 15 feet high. From where enemies could be easily monitored. On the whole, the fort has about 11 gates.

Ranjit singh gate
Ranjit Singh gate

In previous centuries, many rulers tried to loot the fort, some were successful, and others had to face it. Forts like this cover mountain ranges, so whoever comes to India intends to loot them. Currently, this place becomes the center of attraction for tourists in Himachal Pradesh.

What To See Nowadays

Nowadays Kangra fort has become a popular historical tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Besides this, it becomes a picnic spot. The Titliyan song and many short films were filmed here last year. Additionally, many visitors come here every year to see the historical place and admire the beauty of the hills surrounding the fort. Visitors who come to Dalhousie and Dharamshala also cover this place as part of their tour packages.

Fort inside

Many local people also come and enjoy their quality time. As we know this is a historical place many archaeologists are coming here to find new inventions and explore more things.

Activities To Do Here

There are beautiful sites here as well, where you can see the site and clicks pictures with the best view of forest and river flowing nearby.

kangra fort pictures
Kangra Fort view

How To Reach Here

In case you come from outside Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala will be your main destination. The nearest airport is Gagal. From Gagal Himachal Pradesh, you can take local buses, taxis, or autos to the historical Kangra fort. On the other hand, if you are traveling by bus, you can take a bus to Kangra fort from Dharamshala.

Best Time To Visit

As we know the Kangra district comes in north India therefore all the seasons are best to visit here. You can visit here any month of the year.

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