Don’t Just Make a Night Travel

Don’t make a solo trip at night time, because it is very uncomfortable to sleep in a wilderness place.

Keep Your Mind Relax

Camping alone at night times will make you into a flurry of worry and fear.

Don’t Pick a Faraway Place

For your solo camping trip choose a place that is close to your house and one that you’re familiar with

Bring a Book

Camping with others is full of conversation and storytelling but when you travel alone you don’t have anyone to talk to. So, carry a book along with you and it fills the space of others.

Check Your Camping Skill Properly

Before making a plan for solo camping you must have knowledge of camping activities like

1. How to find proper camping location / Navigation 2. Arrangement of food (in case if you travel far) 3.Collecting dry wood 4. lit the fire 5. All camp setting